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48: coma in cantos, canto 7

canto 7 i made loops for Lucy, which is what I dubbed her, brought twist ties for Thor with which to bind the wires, Thor, which is what I dubbed him, and when he finished, and when we were ready for loading and departure, Lucy smiling, Thor thinking about what might’ve been after blood spill, […]

33: variations on form, part 3

Steve (approaching): You? Matt (relieved at the interruption): I’m departing for . . . Mdala: Another coffee, thank you. Anne (enters): Matt. Mdala. You? Mdala: Thank you. And two white butterflies break or mangle the heavier air beneath the trees, above the grass, soundless, rising, now falling, slapping with their wings Steve brings coffee. Anne: […]

9: little americas

everywhere they built little americas because as Anne said we don’t like much else the Texan knew that to know food the eater must divide the plate into its parts.  It’s hard work.  On one side of the plate he piled the noodles and from this start point the plate became a world, an experiment.  […]