11: Maricela, Cruz, and a conversation about eyes

it is strange to me
she said
that they always
look at our eyes

the cat
the dog
how they know
you have them
she said

even ants
he said
when they stop where
they’re going
where ever it is
and you know
they understand
you have eyes

and that’s where they
find you
she said

even the spider
he said
the spider stands perfect
in dark luminous posture
and looks you
in the eyes

she said
it’s some sort of law
that even as you cross the river
a hippo will watch your eyes
with her eyes
she knows were to look

he said
and the tiger
before he takes your head
home with him
he will take your eyes first
with his eyes

she said
so if
if hypothetically
we had hands and fingers
where our eyes
happen to be
we would all
be holding hands
at some time in the day
on our encounters
for even the bear
the bear who runs
from the yard
when startled
is seized by your eyes
yes he said
the hippo and the tiger and the spider and the bear
image it: all of them
now with long arms
and hands and fingers and wrists extended
from their eye sockets all
holding hands at some time of the day
meeting by chance or designación
in our common spaces
at moments hands locking
(or at least waving or pointing)
where our eyes once were
a new law on the river
and in the forest
and the outside table
where spiders are known
to offer their eyes to you
and watch you
she said

even viruses
he said
even viruses
she said
and stars
he said
and stars