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100: How Everything Ended

How might everything end? What would you do if you came to the end of everything, which is the title of a fiction written by a good friend of mine several years ago? In this fiction, the writer tried to describe the end of everything. He asked people: “Describe the end of everything. What do […]

099: The Interview

In these times of recession, you know how tough things can get. One day you’re project manager. The Firm for which you’ve worked several years is an inspiration and clever. Then one day you find yourself slicing a pea into sections with the sharpest knife you have and eating each sliver as the rain falls, […]

098: The Dress

Henry followed the impression of the elbow, for he had judged the image, the impression, the dream of movement as an elbow. The elbow belonged to a woman. Work had been difficult, long, and somewhat disorienting, filled with numerous seconds, some of which he remembered, others lost, lost in the sound of typing, overindulgent chatting, […]

097: The Broken Second

There is a device in fiction that writers call the broken second. Of course, this device is not limited to fiction that uses writing as its media of conveyance. The broken second device can also be used in other media that convey fictions, such as motion film or water color painting, where fictions are as […]

096: The Stalker

He saw them on the balcony, laughing, tickling each others’ ribs, looking at each other in the way she used to look at him. It was self-explanatory. The look of them up on the balcony: he knew exactly what it meant. But then he wondered why everything else was so ambiguous. He watched them on […]

095: The Event

When the moon was full, the three women remembered the same event, even though none of the women could remember the event actually happening to them. Then, as the days passed and the countenance of the night sky changed, the memory would fade and the women would pass, like the moon, into a period of […]

094: Leslie and the Philosopher

One afternoon, Leslie told the philosopher about her little brother, Billy, and it was on this day that she learned that it was possible to be profoundly incorrect and so incorrect about the basic knowledge of the world that others will radically change their opinion of you on the spot and because of this incident […]

093: Presence

After ninety three days of making a film a day, the filmmaker began to study a new phenomenon, a phenomenon he dubbed his growing madness. The evidence for his madness (although he would not define it as insanity) took two forms. The first involved a simple fact: the filmmaker carried his digital video camera or […]

092: Reasons for Moving

It’s a cliche to say that language is interesting, although some people might not agree and thus believe whatever they see or read. By language I mean a formal system of communication and by formal I mean that there are rules to the thing and by rules I mean several handshakes in a backroom somewhere […]

091: Sexuality

“But with you, it’s great sex.” the woman on the bus said long ago It was on the bus where he got into trouble. He told a stranger what he was best at was sex. He felt he could tell her this as she had been studying him. She’d watched him enter (he sensed this). […]

090: Poetry, Prose, Music

The crowd of us (we were all wearing robes, different colored robes) all came to different conclusions about the poetry, the prose, and the music. Our task was simple and we were to draw from the archives. Imagine a stone. One of the ancients saw opportunity to engage the history of the earth from the […]

089: What I see is Death

Moments after the filmmaker departed, Cruz stored Maricela’s 35 millimeter slides in a plastic container. There weren’t many of them. Most had come from the basement of Maricela’s father’s house, sent by her mother as her mother had no use for them. They’d projected the slides up on the wall and each slide revealed one […]

088: It’s Interesting said the Comatose Patient

“It’s interesting,” Ruiz said. His Mexico City loft looked over a small park and a line of buildings at the far edge. One structure might have been an apartment house. It’s doors were painted a different color which in my frame of mind meant that there could never be a million or more doors in […]

087: The Art of Deception

John Timmons’s short film perspective #4 addresses or may address certain human themes. We could make a list: new media aesthetics, technology and history, the nature of truth, the nature of reality, and/or the art of deception, issues that fill the news these days as it’s election season and the season for world governments wondering […]

086: The Juggler

I remember The Juggler from many years ago. The mystery had to do with why he’d been ejected from the party he’d been hired to entertain, how it was that he’d suffered a broken arm, and various painful looking marks on his cheeks. He was a multitalented juggler, who could play the guitar while sustaining […]