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93: coma, canto 34

canto 34 and Lucy was provided for, coming in with a bible, a study bible, another bible, colored red, a Jerusalem version, and lessons on the real creator of the universe in pamphlets, given her, she said, by my father. with a smile? I asked, and she smiled. she sat at the couch and put […]

54: coma in cantos, canto 11

canto 11 in the annals I could write he opened his eyes as Napoleon, Churchill, Lincoln, Betty Ford. in the annals I could write him saying famous sayings from Twain or Shakespeare and laughing about them, merrily as he had always been. in the annals I could write us all, my mother and I, the […]

46: coma in cantos: canto 6

canto 6 and so I yelled Aquinas is a fool or to that effect ambiguous. walking home when I entered my apartment I found two thieves at work unraveling, or trying to unravel, the wires and cords of the electronic machines I owned. Later, they told, we just turned the nob and voila, easy, smooth, […]