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67: coma, canto 19 reexamined

canto 19 reexamined there are inflictions where the eyes may never close, because when closed the eyes remain lit: imagine Thor with his hammer and his lock pick picking and a car slowly, on the edge of his knowing, pulling outside the hindrances of light, meaning into dark where the guilty hide, Thor working at […]

66: coma, canto 19

canto 19 Thor came with beer and a sling hugged arm and on the evening balcony he told me about the desert he remembered on a drive from an old life to a new life, here, where, a beer in his good hand, he gave an image of a coyote with a hat and boots, […]

65: coma, canto 18

canto 18 yes, my father, larger than life told me deepsleeping stories, how the young and the old, the hairless and bearded, the thin and the large, would leave their beds with images of sleep in their eyes and in their hands and in their pockets and in their bags and in their stomachs. the […]

64: coma, canto 17

canto 17 finally it came to be that after dinner with my mother and father my father put the truth on his desk, the same desk at which he’d expressed his years of work with deepsleeping sleepers into published papers, a book, at the desk where, I remember well, one evening, he reached for the […]

63: coma, interlude 8

interlude yes hale health holy sprang from spora communalus, but are they related in the wide etymologies of war, worship, and loss, breeding in those strange orchards of words, bursting in those empty memory marks and sordid other orthographical and inherited imaginings, breeding creatures that will walk the earth round and after years of labor […]

61: coma, canto 16

canto 16 Imelda showed me her forbidden places. The map of these is grand, spread wide on the table of maps for pointing to, identifying, marking with a finger, and from the edges one can simply stitch on new maps prohibited only by surface and time and the weather, which may move in quickly and […]

60: coma, canto 15

in Henry’s truck we crossed the boundary of the city, which is near impossible to figure, crossed a small space of road and entered under an archway sign that said: The Meadows which is neither meadow nor not meadow but acres upon acres of daffodil, rose, phlox, apple and peach tree, and more such trees, […]

59: coma, canto 14

canto 14 one day things and places turned unfamiliar. my apartment, the woman I watched from the balcony who lived next door, (taller, she seemed, and when she raised a coffee to me in that peach-colored tulip, she winked), the little bottles, the packages, the implements in the bathroom cabinet, the cans, bags, and boxes […]

57: coma, interlude 5

interlude all readers and listeners have heard the moralist moral away on one of one hundred favorite lessons and conditions, which may be true, untrue, fabricated, or conjectured, and all readers and listeners will set their timers and wait for news to come of the moralist’s fall, shriveling before the videotape of failed sobriety, while […]

56: coma, canto 13

canto 13 there are metaphors for swords, the seas swishing beneath the deck, the wind blowing in phrases tornados make, but they would be false swords, I suppose, opening wounds in the skin but false wounds bleeding false blood, as we speed closer to the enemy’s shore where they wait with their weapons drawn and […]

55: coma, canto 12

canto 12 in ascendance songs David, he said, is sworn an oath by god, gains for keeping the covenants. It goes, he said, suchly: “The lord hath sworn in truth unto David; he will not turn from it; Of the fruit of thy body will I set upon thy throne. If thy children will keep […]

54: coma in cantos, canto 11

canto 11 in the annals I could write he opened his eyes as Napoleon, Churchill, Lincoln, Betty Ford. in the annals I could write him saying famous sayings from Twain or Shakespeare and laughing about them, merrily as he had always been. in the annals I could write us all, my mother and I, the […]

53: coma in cantos, canto 10

canto 10 Upon opening the door he would open a great wingspan and say, I’m home, in the voice of a caller calling Is anyone home to an empty dwelling. Upon keyturning the car and killing the engine he’d say, Safe and sound. As promised. Once I buried all his shoes in the backyard because […]

52: coma in cantos, interlude 4

interlude and I opened my fist to open air there, on that friend’s farmhouse beyond which whole armies of the faithful are moving, none more true than any other, dependent on the common hidden, which is indeed significant: the object of faith is _____ which is hidden, unrevealed, inferred but unrevealed, inferred but hidden. was […]

50: coma in cantos, canto 9

Edward, he said, came dripping from the waters of coma and told the neuro team he’d always dreamed in that aspirational fashion of taking time for a stone and water and a warm part of the stone above the water line, the water calm, rippling around the stone and the sun above warm but not […]