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55: coma, canto 12

canto 12 in ascendance songs David, he said, is sworn an oath by god, gains for keeping the covenants. It goes, he said, suchly: “The lord hath sworn in truth unto David; he will not turn from it; Of the fruit of thy body will I set upon thy throne. If thy children will keep […]

25: man shoes

this poem was begun at 7:49 and this morning I’m a cow or a fish for the first time, starting over, wearing man shoes imaging this at 7:49 can be compared to flying which would make me a bird or something lighter, forced by the wind above the cold smoke stacks to make Os and […]

24: the poem I wanted to write, part 3

the poem I wanted to write drew a tree, a mountain, ice, and a man who might have been my brother but he was really watching the river rise and the clang of the anchors– he watches the anchors rise and how the water sworls muddy brown in the center, as if the fish below […]

23: memory, a sonnet

My aunt who sat when my brother and I were just little tied our fingers to big helium balloons and called up, “Tell your mother about the mountain lions.” I remember closing my eyes.  I told my mother: “My eyes hurt from the sun.”  She asked what I’d been doing to so hurt. I said, […]

15: the poem I can never remember, part 2

imagine the poem I want to write as a train into the city on which one day I open my mouth to speak and every stone has vanished and the snake I once used to dig for chipmunks in the yard has withered like an old wrung washcloth dropped onto the sand I want to […]

14: the poem I can never remember, part 1

I can never remember the poem I want to write like what I had for lunch a week ago even though I try never to risk what I have but there’s a question what is the poem I want to write but misremember what’s the nature of it (bird, plow, tire track) why does it […]