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50: coma in cantos, canto 9

Edward, he said, came dripping from the waters of coma and told the neuro team he’d always dreamed in that aspirational fashion of taking time for a stone and water and a warm part of the stone above the water line, the water calm, rippling around the stone and the sun above warm but not […]

32: variations on form, part 2

That sun on the carpet is like a tortoise composed of light, like something the poet forgot and can only recall as a creeping vapor, gravity-flattened, soon to withdraw or crawl under a shelf, like a low white sound sustained, and the luminous dust motes are like little planes on maneuver, like gnats, flaming atoms, […]

28: Jimmy’s image

when they took our pictures and printed them the artists would come (we never saw them, so I can only imagine) and put the images into bracings of flowers, cut paper and foil frames, very much like glitter or leaf-like aluminum, painted arrangements of color and shine they’d cut as closely to the edges of […]

21: fearing what the sea brings

not even the scientists when asked could say what that thing was that had crept on shore the day after the shipping lanes were closed it had brought bubbles and when asked one of the scientists said, no, we won’t know why they don’t pop until more data is generated when asked a scientist said […]

18: how many poems have there been

how many poems have there been where everything’s a specificity of edges and outsides and the sun is narrowed on the floor by the western window keeping warm how many poems have there been where the reader knows shoes take one onto the roads of the day the windows pass overhead one by one behind […]

13: poems inside other poems

Key: Black is read from top to bottom, Red from bottom to top Thanks to Kendra Bartell for the Canvas.

9: little americas

everywhere they built little americas because as Anne said we don’t like much else the Texan knew that to know food the eater must divide the plate into its parts.  It’s hard work.  On one side of the plate he piled the noodles and from this start point the plate became a world, an experiment.  […]

8. the seagull

it had to be illusion something, as they say, attributable to the weirding weather Texas drought or some asofyettobe-calculated algorithm of formal space a discoloration, a warp of natural fabrics, nitrogen and oxygen Aprilfooling in May but in a window square of gray Saturday sky a crack or hole emerged opened wider and wider with […]

7: how heavy am I, I ask

birds and water are drawn from lines say from a lookout in the desert where the smoke still can be seen rising, see it as lines you can dig for fish bones in the sand and find them fully dressed and sharp hot as the bottom of a furnace and wonder where it should follow […]

6: a moment in the life of Paznan and Gisela

in the court below the blackwings turned to paper and then she opened her eyes and saw that it was true Paznan flicked an orange peel and told her it would be so and so it was but not really, an image after blinkingfast and after being spacked in the head with the broadside of […]

4: those often chance meetings we have

I knew a man who wore the little and big veins, his arteries too on the outside of the skin spanish he was but spoke Chinese to the shop people, teachers, and politicians, the big politicos who we knew disposed of people, leaving them little more than blackening feculence under dumpsters and the larger turtles […]

3: traditional haiku in binary

in pearlwhite blossoms I saw a spider eye and the universe turned red suns for taking hang low from hillside trees, reach- ing, I take your hand

2: the poetry teacher

The poetry teacher told us to make our poems modern so to use words like radioactive and sex (as every modern knew about this) and chrome and catastrophe and computer and rising water line we asked him why chrome and not steel and he told us that we should never take things that didn’t belong […]

1: the end of the world and the beginning of everything else

the end of the world and the beginning of everything else when Cruz opened the door he saw a man holding a flower in a little white cup, and Cruz asked him who and what are you and the small skeletoned man with the flower in his cup said he couldn’t remember his name and […]