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46: coma in cantos: canto 6

canto 6 and so I yelled Aquinas is a fool or to that effect ambiguous. walking home when I entered my apartment I found two thieves at work unraveling, or trying to unravel, the wires and cords of the electronic machines I owned. Later, they told, we just turned the nob and voila, easy, smooth, […]

42: coma in cantos, canto 3

canto 3 my mother said the flowers in the gardens she made spoke to her, and as a kid I once made a joke about recordings, told her, use Dad’s and prove the case, but in more kiddstuff language, the kind that always makes the hearer wish for mankind’s better days, the kind that tastes […]

41: coma in cantos, canto 2

canto 2 as I sit at my father’s bedside therefore I wonder if he’s deepsleeping a way up the darkness to the peak of the ladder (and what then? out to what?) or if he remembers his image of heaven, the respirator, the other machines, respiring him, the gears making his blood move, the pressures, […]

40: coma in cantos

canto 1 my father, who was larger than life (how many poems have treated fathers bigger than mountains–think new testament?), told me stories in bed about coma patients coma: which is Greek for deep sleep my mother would say, did you tell him the one about the knight? and my father would smile and I […]

32: variations on form, part 2

That sun on the carpet is like a tortoise composed of light, like something the poet forgot and can only recall as a creeping vapor, gravity-flattened, soon to withdraw or crawl under a shelf, like a low white sound sustained, and the luminous dust motes are like little planes on maneuver, like gnats, flaming atoms, […]

31: variations on form

In that same quiet of the sky the mood changed with crows passing blacking toward evening. At that same place in the sky I watch the sun, I watch the children reach for the trees. Clouds from ash, clouds from cracking stone, clouds from skin and the eye.  Crows and Rain coming. That same place […]