Project Note Archive


This will be my third year participating in the fun, exciting, and challenging 100 Days projects: year 1 I wrote one hundred poems; year two I wrote one hundred stories; this year I want to move to a new category: fictions.  These fictions will be built from the short films generated by John Timmons or other work generated from his.
What do I mean by fictions?  Mine is a loose definition.  By fictions I mean imagined writing that can range across narrative prose forms and may involve philosophical, analogical, historical, character-driven, or anecdotal subject matter.  A fiction may be an imagined artifact, carrying the architecture of story as a means.  Or it may simply be a conclusion or argument advanced by an imagined character or structured in an imagined world. It may be a way of searching for form from an origin without having to worry about what that origin may be.</p>