52: coma in cantos, interlude 4


and I opened my fist
to open air
there, on that friend’s
farmhouse beyond which whole
armies of the faithful
are moving, none more
true than any other,
dependent on the common hidden,
which is indeed significant:
the object of faith is _____ which is hidden,
inferred but unrevealed,
inferred but hidden.

was it Emerson who claimed the unseen
eternal, repeating the historical record,
repeating the historical record,
with some grafting or alteration,
intuited rather than given,
but already said and passed
up the ladder, like this or that gene,
dishinged from doctrinal genetics.

it’s true I felt no power
at all in my fist; my opened
hand opened on what had been,
and I regretted
the destruction, how easy
my motion had been,
such ease compared
to the labor of the spider,
such ease compared
to the labor necessary
for walking the earth
with a web between my fingers

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