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45: coma in cantos, canto 5

canto 5 Henry and his freckles are patient with me. He says, as I wait for a camel to appear on his arm– his arms are continents of ruddy, sometimes bleared congregations of melanin (I told him once: Henry, Henry, I said, the Milky Way traverses your back, right blade to waist, and he said, […]

36: the day I learned roses talk

the talking flowers were what threw me. but first it’s important to know how the wind traversed my friend’s community garden, who looked at me like a sudden broken shoe lace when I told him I would visit with his roses. some beds faced high, dense hedge greens and so the roses held still, like […]

4: those often chance meetings we have

I knew a man who wore the little and big veins, his arteries too on the outside of the skin spanish he was but spoke Chinese to the shop people, teachers, and politicians, the big politicos who we knew disposed of people, leaving them little more than blackening feculence under dumpsters and the larger turtles […]

100 Days 2010

I’ll be participating in this summer’s 100 Days project. This year I’ll be writing fictions on the Borges model, meaning forms unconstrained by story frameworks.  Last year I lead the project with a story a day for one hundred days.  Doing this was an amazing experience.  But now, rather than form, I want to concentrate […]

92. The Scissors

When the boxes of office supplies came, they found one full of black and blue scissors. For fairness, the manager decided to divide the scissors. One side of the office was given the blue scissors. The other side of the office was given the black scissors. Molly of the black side said, “But I want […]

Open Boulders

A poem by Carianne Mack: halogen heaping in a low salad bowl sanctuary also creeping out to glow your charge in the dark stars light stains landing to navigate by like the teal shadows tattered rooted on the banks by a beaded lichen blanket slung slowly over an open boulder See also Jesse’s in the […]